Karin Wahlberg

The Affected

Healthcare strategist Carolina Broms is found dead in an isolated summer cottage outside Dalby in the beech woods of Skåne. A cold-blooded attack. Moreover, she has Fentanyl in her body. Who knew she was there and which of those individuals had any reason to visit her in the cottage? Inspector Claes Claesson and Veronika Lundberg have moved to Lund – a new home, a new life. As he leads his first murder investigation at his new workplace, Claes tries to make himself at home in the city on the plains, and Veronika tackles her challenges at the surgical department in Malmö. At the same time, they are worried about their daughter Klara, who is finding it difficult to adapt to her new class. We also meet the hard-working hospital staff, and cancer patients and their relatives swinging between hope and despair.

After devoting several years to writing the popular “Hospital” series and her personal memoir Cancerland – There and Back, the doctor and popular author Karin Wahlberg now returns to the detective genre. The Affected (De drabbade) is Wahlberg’s long-awaited ninth crime novel.