Karin Wahlberg

The Girl Selling Flowers Door to Door

Suspense grabs the reader immediately in Karin Wahlberg’s fourth book about Police Commissioner Claes Claesson when an unusually brutal attack takes place in a laundry room. The victim is an elderly lady, and when she dies a few days later, the crime is changed from assault to murder. Speculation runs wild: is there a crazy laundry room murderer on the loose? Was it really just an accident that Doris Västlund was the first victim or was there a hidden side to her otherwise ordinary life? Or did the murder have anything to do with the vicious insider fighting in the apartment building?

The investigation is led by Louise Jasinski, who is substituting for Claes Claesson on parental leave. The police team is fumbling in the dark. Maybe the girl who was selling flowers door to door that evening had noticed something? She’s obviously hiding something, but what? Then Claes Claesson finds a bloody discovery, while at the same time, a desperate mother registers her daughter missing…