Karin Wahlberg

Camilla and the Lie

Camilla has found a secret in the closet, a shoebox her brother Micke has hidden where he thinks no one will look. There are wallets in the box, a whole bunch of them. And there is money in them. What should you do when you find something like that? What if the police come and get him?

Micke is out all the time. He withdraws more and more and even though Camilla is worried, she doesn’t tell her father. He is so busy with his new love Maj-Britt, or Angry-Britt as Camilla calls her because she is almost always angry or in a bad mood. Camilla’s mother is dead so she can’t talk to her apart from in her day dreams. Instead Camilla gains all her courage and tries to make things right again. That is when she meets a person with the most fascinating, long, black polished nails. It will be a meeting which shakes Camilla …