Karin Wahlberg

Crystal Clear

Hilda Glass is almost done with medical school and has returned to her childhood home town to do her internship at Oskarshamn hospital. Once there, Hilda realizes she has probably been unconsciously drawn to the hospital where her mother died and when she stumbles over her mother’s medical records she understands she has to deal with and find out details from her background. What kind of mysterious disease did her mother die from and was her father’s death really an accident?

Claes Claesson has gone to the small glassworks village Hjortfors with his family for a calm and regular Walpurgis Night, a holiday traditionally celebrated in northern Europe. The crowd around the fire increases and the spirit is high. But the idyll is shattered suddenly and very unpleasantly when a smell of burnt flesh spreads and in the light of the flames a macabre sight unfolds: a dead man’s body.

Crystal Clear is Karin Wahlberg’s eighth book about Police Commissioner Claes Claesson and his wife Veronika Lundborg, doctor at Oskarshamn Hospital.